Called, But Afraid.

Have you ever been asked to do a mission that you ain’t qualified for or perhaps not physically or mentally enabled to do?

How did you respond? How did it end? You may decide to reject the offer or be ready to do all it takes to achieve the goal satisfactorily.

But in God’s agenda, the case is different. Whether you feel enabled, qualified or not, it’s God’s work and it must happen. I know the human feelings will certainly come to play.

Is there anyone who’s been called into ministry and takes up the mantle without been anxious or sort of nervous? I doubt if there is.

Day in day out there are many things God needs us to do for Him to bring His will to pass. Bear in mind that the purpose for your existence is to please Him, serve Him and fulfil your purpose for Him.

We have erred in our thoughts, thinking this is for some certain people. Forgetting that everyone has a role to play. Funnily enough, He isn’t looking at your appearance or qualification.

God does not use the qualified, He qualifies the called. – Unknown.

The gentile king Cyrus was used to free the children of Judah from captivity and help to make decrees that reinforced the rebuilding of Jerusalem. How sweet. Cyrus didn’t know God. Interestingly, God had to introduce himself to him as the God of Isreal, who made the sun and the moon. Very funny, right. But he was used as a tool of fulfilment. So, it doesn’t matter, God can call.

However, there are some exceptional beings in the old testament that were called by God to do the unusual. Called to accomplish the scariest assignment to men. They couldn’t understand it. They were scared and didn’t want to oblige.

If it were you, I bet you’d cringe and fret at such an assignment, and ask- WHY ME!!!????.

I’ll look into two personalities that were called by God. Although, they cowered. Grumbled. Gave many excuses. They are MOSES and JEREMIAH.

_Moses was from the house of Levi, a descendant of Isreal. He was nurtured in Egypt and later fled when some people plotted to kill him. God appeared to him in a burning bush in Midian to give him an assignment that he presumed to be a herculean task. He was appointed to “Deliver the oppressed children of Isreal from Egypt, as their years of slavery is long overdue and he was to lead them to the promised land”.

Moses gave TWO excuses; Exodus 4:1-17

1. He said “Lord, What if they do not believe me or say the Lord has not sent me?” It is one thing that anyone would have thought of, asking the what-ifs questions. But God answered by showing him three instant miracles he could perform in the presence of Pharoah and his people.

2. He said, “Lord, I am not eloquent, I am slow in speech and slow of tongue”. For someone who stammers and speaks slowly, asked to represent God in the presence of the multitude. Indisputably, it was not going to be easy for him to speak. Humanly speaking, Moses had a good excuse(supposedly) but to God, it was not a reason to back out from His assignment. God wanted this task to be fulfilled by Moses and there’s no one else who could, as long as He wanted Moses to do it.

At this point, God’s anger was kindled against Moses (Exodus 4:14) He answered by saying; as He the Lord puts words in Moses’ mouth his eloquent brother Aaron will interpret Moses’ speech.

Notice that God didn’t turn the assignment over to an eloquent man or a fierce fellow. It was still Moses.

Jeremiah on the other hand was a youth. A young promising man whom God had knew before he was formed in his mother’s womb and ordained him to be a prophet unto nations. Jer 1:5. Paraphrased.

He didn’t choose his birth neither did he choose his fate. All of these were authorized by God. This marvelled Jeremiah. How on earth would He choose me? Why me? Jeremiah 1:1- 19.

He also gave an excuse:

1. He said, “Lord, I cannot speak for I am a youth!” Jeremiah 1:6.

Yes, Jeremiah is a young man who didn’t want to die untimely in the hands of evildoers while prophesying. A man who wanted to hide his identity, he preferred his lowkey life rather than what God wanted of him.

But God promised to go with him and to deliver him. By action, the Lord put forth His hand and touched Jeremiah’s mouth, in that way he put His words in his mouth to proclaim authority and audacity. Jeremiah 1: 7-10. Paraphrased.

In addition, God fortified him with excellent power;

But you, dress for work; arise, and say to them everything that I command you. Do not be dismayed by them, lest I dismay you before them.
And I, behold, I make you this day a fortified city, an iron pillar, and bronze walls, against the whole land, against the kings of Judah, its officials, its priests, and the people of the land. They will fight against you, but they shall not prevail against you, for I am with you, declares the Lord, to deliver you.”

Jeremiah 1:17-19 ESV

There are similarities between these two men; they were sent to their people and they thought they weren’t good enough for the assignments, hence they gave excuses.

But you know one beautiful thing about God, he will not send you out without equipping you for the task. The capital and back up plan for the assignment is TO GO! ANSWER THE CALL.

Like many of us, Moses and Jeremiah responded based on their human capacity and feelings ( inadequacies). Forgetting, how great the Sender is.

If you are in these shoes; given an assignment to start something. Or to prophecy. Evangelize. Contribute. Give. Etc. Note this clearly, God is a Sender who will give you all it takes to go and come back successfully.

Truthfully, it may be challenging. Moses and Jeremiah encountered diverse oppression and criticism. As for Jeremiah, at some point made up his mind never to prophesy God’s word again(Jeremiah 20:9-10). Yet, the Word of God was in his heart like a burning fire shut in his bones! He couldn’t hold it back.

That’s how the assignment keeps burning inside of you still it is accomplished.

You are on the Lord’s side and He is on your side as long as He sent you. He said He will never leave nor forsake us. Why don’t you believe?.

If God decides/decided to choose YOU for a task out of 7 billion in the world, it is a badge of honour that you should never take for levity. Do it like your life depends on it (it does actually😌).

Don’t slack. Don’t tremble for too long. Trust Him who has sent you. He is faithful and just to keep His promises.

Be aware of how he helped Moses and Jeremiah and other men of old to overcome fear at the first stage of the assignment, put His word in their mouth, and gave them power.

Allow God help you, too.

For record sake, They (Moses and Jeremiah) did what God asked of them. Although, Moses flopped at the last sub-task. They were part of the people who helped to fulfil their part of the redemptive/eternal purpose of God. We cannot forget such heroes in faith, who risked all they had to do God’s will.

Do not forget that you have been called into a “ministry of reconciliation” a place of reconciling men to God. A place of winning souls. A place of propagating the Word of God. Everyone has been called.

Begin to answer God’s call without hesitation. What are you waiting for?

I hope this article served as a source of encouragement for you in time?

My sincere prayer for you reading this is to answer God’s call timely and make Him happy. Remember that He has equipped you and He knows that you are capable.

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May the peace of God which surpasses all understanding be with you. Amen.

Have a blessed weekend. 💙


Dorcas Bonuola.

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