Single and Lonely ?

How it is that you think being single is boring ? Looool! I really do know that is it supposed to be one of the sweetest moments of your life. My dear friend, enjoy while it lasts.

The society may unconsciously make you feel like you’re not in vogue or equal to the task, but no, that is utterly wrong.

I want some few points to stick to your mind anytime you feel lonely;

You’re not Alone

Remind yourself that you’re not alone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you and you’re spending your time for other things that need be. It would be psychologically harmful to wallow in self pity or think because your friends are dating then something is not right. No!

Everything is right. You’re only in an amazing phase. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy living, as this may lead to loneliness.

Find quality time for your Skills, Hobbies and Interests.

You’re a go-girl Buddy! Do those things that make you happy. Do you love traveling, or swimming, or reading novels, writing, painting or designing dresses ? Doing your hobbies is a stress reliever and it helps you feel better and occupied. Do those things you love my dear! Don’t hesitate to explore your world. 💃

Hang out with Friends

I hope you have good friends that are sweet to soul? If you do, create time to hang out with them. Personally, I encourage people to have a mix of both genders as friends; you’d most likely have fun and see the beauty and uniqueness of each gender. Visit places, see movies, play games and tease each other.

If you’re the girly-girly type, not to worry, you should make out time for your girls.

Discuss how you feel with trustworthy friends/acquaintances

The easy way to tread this path carefully is talk to friends who you trust; discuss how you feel and talk about those “who want you”. Some people find it hard to trust, but i still advice that you have a confidant or accountability partner. One of the advantages a good friend should is listening ears; your friend(s) must be willing to listen to your rants and sobs. They need not choose for you but you need them most times.

Give Yourself Time

Most ladies make haste to date even when they’re not ready. I think this is unnecessary as I have learnt a big lesson from this mistake.

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. I really should tell you this; you shouldn’t rush to date. Enjoy every moment of your single hood. Give yourself time to heal, time to grow and time to learn. Prepare your mind for the next stage while you’re at this one.

Wait Till he Comes

The waiting process is more challenging, especially if you have been getting many advances. You need to wait for the best. The ” he ” is the right one. Others may flaunt your love language to your face, they may give you all the attention you need but that isn’t a ticket to a relationship.
You should wait for the right one.

Being single isn’t been lonely, if you’re feeling lonely because you’re single, I think you should sincerely search your heart to know what is wrong. Have you been depressed ? Have you been comparing yourself with other girls ? Have you been having unnecessary conversations?
Have you been infatuated with someone who doesn’t care if you exist ?
Answer these questions thoroughly and be willing to deal with problem(s) and remind yourself that you’re sufficient enough to be happy, single or not.

Have you ever felt that way, How did you handle it ? Drop your question or comment in the comment box. I want hear from you.

Your Fav girl,

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